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A tree is a composition A tree grows to touch the sky but never leaves the dirt A tree does not mind rain or sun A tree abides in the changing of seasons And desires nothing other than to stand silent Branches waving and never wavering Water lies deeply at the heart of forest Without blue There is no green Without brown There is no green Without grey and black and the colours of night There is no green, no yellow, no sunlight To grow by Tree, mystify me and historicize me I am old and weary like thee Wilst thou not grant me respite under thine Blanketlike covering canopy against the night And its troubles Old age will tell many a tales of The manifold purposes of wood and fruit The myriad myths of bark and branch A tree communicates many thing Without ever speaking A tree is a sturdy thing Let it stand A tree will keep memory Let it grow A tree breathes life Do not cut it A tree grants life Do no uproot it Stand still for a moment Take time for yourself Stand still Allow breath to flow Stand still Feel your feet touch the ground Stand still Feel the yarn in your hands Those who wait, sit under a tree Those who desire shade, the tree will grant willingly Singing softly in the wind A tune that never changes Breathe easily Grant roots the time to grow See the seeds that a tree leaves Flowing freely in the wind When a seed hits the earth There is a small chance For life to begin All over again Or is it the same tree Finding another place to breathe Another space to be Another time to stand Still peacefully To stand still Without ever ending You are here And I am happier for it You are here And you allow me to thrive You are here And I will not forget it

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When you see a star at night Imagine that there’s a star smiling at another star’s light across a vast ocean of time twinkle, twinkle, little eye what do I spy across the sky? When starlight erupts The world appears to be dancing A million candles bathing in milky water Star-crossed lovers meet in the twilight Relying on the certainty of time’s light Connect two dots and you have a line Three dots a triangle Four dots are a square Imagine what you could do with the night sky filled The stars are my compass The light is my dust I am composed of space Time will guide me onwards A million lights sown into the night Have faded before they ever arrive To look across death’s face What else is there to do? O, starlight come find time And decide to shine by my side I’m fine when you are all right Smiling in the night sky A star is a sun passed By the distance of light Warmth taken out of existence A body without presence Only a glimmer in an eye A hint towards a memory The universe smiling nostalgically And remembering its own infinity When a star shines bright the universe is using starlight to smile across the vast ocean of time and remind itself that the universe is alive and passing When you enter a star You may be terrified To find death To find pain To find heat To find explosion To find destruction To enter a star means To open the light of the world To enter a star means To see that a star flashes across the night sky At the same time your eyes look upwards There is no smile without starlight There is no star without eyesight to see by A star is composed of universal material To depart a star means To find life To find light To find happiness To find dreams To find laughter To find atoms and molecules To find creation And the passing of time without surrender Redefine yourself Who enters stars at night Leaves this world of illusion Who departs a star during the day Comes back into And stays present for a lifetime Until every speck, every small piece of your existence Fades like the light smile into the long dark night But remember across the vast expanse Is a star smiling that can still be ascribed presence

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What is time? Tick tock tick tock tick tock You have 5 seconds remaining If you do not provide the correct answer Your time will come Now has passed Time will be terminated as all the clocks have decided To go on strike And avoid manual labour, for their hands are weary What is time? Is it the stacking of experience and memory? Is it the passing of a life? Is it the telling of lies, white or black? Is it the movement of light across space? Is it relative to your position in the dominion of all living things? Is it the changing of things? Now has passed We might say A memory of the past is in the past Realise it is in the present Everything exists only in the present We might say Time is fluid Realise that an eternal string of now Is like a string of pictures How do you know time flows? Can you say time is a river? Time is standing still Now has passed We might say Only the eternal now exists The flowing of time Is a dream The change of space Is a dream The imagination That living things die Is seeing time backwards Realise Dying things live Dying things breathe Dying things walk forward Realise Now has passed We might say There is time amassed in this universe Is the universe living? Is there movement between heaven and earth? Time will now be departing From platform infinite Realise that infinite means no end and no beginning No end and no beginning means No life and no death No here and now Now has passed And gives way to now Everything is changing, fleeting Moment to moment Everything vanishes Into what does it disappear? Where does a new moment come from? Where does a thought go? What is the unchanging element in change? Does change itself change? Now has passed And now rises Now is dead Long live now.